Daughters of the Vote short-listed for Samara Every Day Citizen

Two Daughters of the Vote have been short listed for Samara's Every Day Political Citizen Award.

Janelle Hinds, Daughter of the Vote for Mississauga Centre and the entrepreneur behind Helping Hands was short listed for Samara Every Day Citizen award. Janelle was selected by author Margaret Atwood.  

In the words of Atwood:

"Janelle is supremely qualified as an Everyday Political Citizen. She has founded and worked on so many programmes–Helping Hands, Phase One, Daughters of the Vote–to change the game positively, especially for those in STEM for who don't fit the standard image."

Also shortlisted was Youth for Lateral Kindness co-founder Teagyn Vallevand who attended Daughters of the Vote in Whitehorse, the Yukon.  Teagyn was picked by Julie Caron-Malenfant.

In the words of Caron-Malenfant:

"Through her courage to speak up about violence, and her commitment to increasing dialogue and giving youth a voice, Teagyn is quite simply inspiring!"

« Parce qu’elle a le courage de parler de la violence, qu’elle se consacre à favoriser le dialogue et à donner une voix aux jeunes, Teagyn est tout simplement inspirante! »