About the Initiative

About the Initiative

The Daughters of the Vote (DoV) Legacy Project aims to create spaces and tools for delegates to strategize and coordinate as well as exchange ideas and best practices to further their work in five key areas:

  • Mental health
  • Gender based violence
  • Decolonization and indigenous rights
  • Energy, climate and environment
  • Women, paid work, and political leadership

The Daughters of the Vote already have expertise, experience, and are engaged in making change in these areas. The Legacy Project will capture their knowledge, ensure it is shared with other young women across the country, and help build momentum for their political engagement.

Equal Voice has established online networks for each area of interest. Daughters of the Vote delegates from across the country have been invited to contribute to the development of advocacy toolkits.

These toolkits will include an analysis of issues affecting young women, policy options and innovations as well as strategies for engagement.

As with all that Equal Voice undertakes, a collaborative, intersectional and multi-partisan approach will be central.

For more information about this project, please email DoVLegacyHDS@gmail.com.