Advocacy Activities for Delegates

The Rosemary Speirs Leadership Grant directly funds young women and gender non-conforming youth to take local action in communities across Canada.

We want to remind DoV delegates that partisan political activities will not be funded. This document contains pointers that help distinguish between political activities and partisan political activities.

Political activities:

Delegates can take part in any or all of the following non-partisan political activities:

  • Developing a call to action, encouraging the public to contact an elected representative or public official to urge them to retain, oppose, or change the law, policy or decision of any level of government in Canada.
  • Communicating to the public that a law, policy, or decision of any level of government in Canada should be retained, opposed or changed.
  • Presenting to elected representatives or public officials (e.g. meet or communicate with them directly).

Take note: All delegates must take care to ensure that their policy positions are informative, accurate, and well-reasoned.

Partisan political activities:

Equal Voice will not fund projects that engage in partisan political activities. This includes the following:

  • Publicly endorse (support) an election candidate.
  • Make public statements that support or oppose a candidate or political party.
  • Suggest that people should vote for a particular candidate or political party, either directly or indirectly.
  • Publish or otherwise disclose the voting record or political platform of specific/selected candidates or political parties on an issue.
  • Distribute literature or voter guides that promote or oppose a candidate or political party, directly or indirectly.
  • Use grant projects (i.e., events, functions, activities, publications, or any of the other resources) as a platform to voice support or oppose a candidate or incumbent or a political party.

Take note: Leadership Grant proposals that include partisan political activities will not be approved. If delegates engage in partisan political activities as part of their grant projects, Equal Voice reserves the right to rescind funding.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I invite my local Member of Parliament to be part of my project?

Yes. Possible roles for your local Member of Parliament could include, a speaking opportunity at an event or function; an invitation to participate in activities or workshops; or sharing project publications.

There is a federal and/or provincial election approaching. Can I invite a political candidate to be part of my project?

To be fair and to not appear to be taking sides during an election period, you must invite candidates from all major political parties to speak at your event or be part of your project. They do not all have to show up, but they need to be invited. Let the candidates know in advance that your event is non-partisan and that they cannot campaign at your event or activity.

What do I do if a politician or candidate attends my event or activity uninvited?

If a political representative (a candidate or incumbent) attends your activity/event during an election, you should let them know that your event or activity is non-partisan and therefore, they cannot campaign.

What are examples of election campaigning activities?

Election campaigning activities can include handing out flyers, buttons, fundraising, or having a candidate speak about their campaign or a political opponent or party.

If you have further questions regarding political activities, please contact Equal Voice staff at

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