Daughters of the Vote speak to Indigenous Rights in the House of Commons

During the historic Daughters of the Vote sitting, several delegates rose from their seats to raise issues of Indigenous rights, including on education, mental health, and energy security. 

You can see their testimony here.

Samantha MacKenzie, delegate from Sault Ste. Marie,demanded equitable funding for Indigenous students.

Cristina Mazza, Network Leader for Energy and Environment and delegate from Whitby, Ontario, raised the issue of energy security and reliability in Indigenous communities.

Lianna Rice, Daughter of the Vote for Labrador, spoke about her personal experiences with mental health, suicide, and called for more space for Inuit voices. Watch Lianna's statement here.

Trina Qaqqaq, the delegate for Nunavut raised the issues of high suicide rates, assistance from non-Indigenous allies, and requested basic human rights in Nunavut.  You can see Trina's statement here