Daughters of the Vote Testify To Status of Women Committee

Daughters of the Vote Testify To Status of Women Committee

During the historic week of Daughters of the Vote, five delegates testified to the House of Commons Standing Committee on the Status of Women. Watch their testimony or read the report.

  • Manitoba Delegate Shania Pruden spoke to the Committee about violence against Indigenous women, particularly the violence and murder committed by strangers. Shania spoke to her own experiences and reminded the Committee about the murder of Tina Fontaine as a call to action.

  • Alana Robert, also of Manitoba, discussed the need for prevention of sexualized violence on campuses and shared her expertise as a student of law and the founder of several anti-violence organizations and initiatives, including Justice for Women in Manitoba, a Sexual Violence Resource Centre, and a series of Consent Culture workshops for student leaders.

  • Aygadim Majagalee (Teanna Noel) Ducharme delegate for Skeena Bukley Valley, testified on the subject of human rights and the relationship between violence against the land and violence against Indigenous women.

  • Elisabeth Gendron, delegate from Trois-Rivières, called on members from all parties to address judicial inequality in the area of family law. Her testimony drew attention to the ways in which the law does not sufficiently protect women experiencing spousal violence. 

  • Natasha Kornak, Daughter of the Vote for Calgary Confederation, outlined the need for a survivors bill of rights and called on the committee to begin the process of legislating standards for post-secondary institutions to ensure they are providing thenecessary services to survivors on campuses.  Natasha appeared on Power and Politics to discuss her Daughter of the Vote experience, her work on sexualized violence and the meetings she had, including with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to push the leaders to take action. 











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