High school curricula do not properly include Indigenous history and content. Often our history is taught by non-Indigenous teachers, and many times we, as Indigenous students, are made to teach our histories to whole classes of students. For the teachers who do want to properly teach these courses, they need proper training.

Indigenous history classes need to be implemented in all high schools. There are still students who have never heard of residential schools, the 60’s scoop, and have little to no understanding of Indigenous culture. Our history being taught as an elective makes it inaccessible to students, as many times they can be cancelled due to lack of student interest.

Who is affected?

  • School Boards
  • Teachers – all levels
  • Indigenous & non-Indigenous students
  • Indigenous & non-Indigenous parents
  • Indigenous & non-Indigenous schools
  • Indigenous & Non-Indigenous public servants
  • Indigenous & Non-Indigenous MPs, MPPs, MLAs, ect.
  • Indigenous & Non-Indigenous Ministers
  • RCMP / Police / Emergency & First Responders
  • Ministries of Education

Who is making change?

  • Chief and Council
  • Prime Minister
  • Cabinet Ministers
  • Political Parties: New Democratic Party, Conservative Party, Green Party, Liberal Party
  • AFN – Perry Bellegarde; ITK – Natan Obed; MNC – Clement Chartier
  • Legislative Committees
  • Elders
  • School Boards
  • Teachers Unions
  • Canada School of Public Service

What is being done now?

As an example, the Ontario Ministry of Education has developed a resource guide on how to incorporate Indigenous content

Possible Solutions

  • Teachers should go through training that should be developed with the local Indigenous populations through such avenues as friendship centres, university Indigenous centres, Metis nations, local reserves, any non-profits such as NWAC, ITK, AFN, etc.
    • Training should be offered regularly and updated regularly - with more in-depth topics being offered for those who have completed basic trainings
    • Trainings should allow for healing and/or emotional support for those who go through it as many topics can be difficult - perfect chance to bring in smudging and elders or counsellors
    • Trainings should be performed by one or several community members
    • Trainings should always be in consultation and supported by Indigenous guidance
  • Ensure that those in other positions of power (police officers, teachers, RCMP) - receive anti-oppression and cultural sensitivity training
    • This should be mandatory in teacher's college



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