DOV Highlights: Where are they now?

DOV Highlights: Where are they now?

Since DOV, Vaishu has been involved with Equal Voice as the Chapter Chair for New Brunswick.

“My experience as Chair of Equal Voice's NB Chapter has enlightened me on the immense amount of effort women's organizations put in day-to-day. I continue to learn so much about women's leadership in this role, particularly from other members of the Board, who are incredibly knowledgeable about politics and devoted to this cause,” said the Chair. “

She’s in her final year of Bachelor of Computer Science at the University of New Brunswick and this summer will be conducting research in  Data Analytics and Big Data Lab at UNB.

“Much like my interest in politics, a large part of my interest in tech has to do with disrupting the status quo, in whatever ways I can, to make the field more welcoming to women and gender minorities,” said the university student. “The journey to gender parity can feel long and grueling but I hope that the work of EV in New Brunswick can make the road easier for women trying to get to elected office.”

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