DOV Highlights: Where are they now?

DOV Highlights: Where are they now?


Rebecca French represented the Newfoundland Avalon riding as a DOV delegate and now resides in St. John’s where she works for the Outreach and Youth Engagement Centre at Choices for Youth.

Choices for Youth works to empower at-risk youth in St. John’s to help them transition into a healthy adulthood. The four main pillars of focus are housing first, education, employment and family.

“I work primarily with youth aged 16-29 who are homeless, transient, vulnerable & at-risk to help them with four main pillars: housing first, education, employment & family,” said Rebecca. “It’s extremely challenging but definitely rewarding.”

Since DOV, Rebecca has graduated from Memorial University with a Degree in Social Work and she is thrilled and thankful to have extended her stay with a career in her field in her province.

“DOV opened my eyes to the meaning of honouring non partisanship,  valuing the importance of each political party and how they can work together to make a better Canada,” said Rebecca of her experience last year.  “It also showed me when I utilize systems theory in my work, I can incorporate a non partisan view to problem solve a specific systems challenge. DOV showed me that is doesn’t always have to be ‘all or nothing’, and women can work together to empower each other, no matter their political compass.”

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