DOV Highlights: Where are they now?


Jordyn Playne was is a DOV delegate representing Simcoe North, Ontario. Since DOV, Jordyn has graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work from Lakehead University.


“While attending I had the opportunity to meet so many driven and motivated young women from around the country,” said Jordyn. “ Because of that experience I’ve since dedicated most of my time to working at a Violence Against Women's organization in the nation’s capital. I accredit DOV for lighting a fire within me to now work one on one with marginalized women fleeing violence.”


Jordyn is a long term women’s counsellor for indigenous women.


Women come into the organization wishing to address a number of concerns ranging from intergenerational trauma, addictions, fleeing violence,” said the counsellor.  “I provide culturally relevant services in order to help women along their healing journey. I absolutely love the work I do, the strength and courage the women I work with exhibit is extraordinary. The most reward part of the wok I do hands how has to be when the women see the value in themselves that you’ve seen all along.”


This fall, Jordyn will return to school to earn a Master’s of Social Work in the aboriginal field of study at Laurier University.

DOV gave me the opportunity to connect and learn from so many inspiring and influential women from around the nation. In turn it opened my eyes to the many issues that not only we as Indigenous women face but all women face,” recalled the daughter of her experience.

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