Issue #1: Underrepresentation of women in STEM and technical industry

The involvement of women in STEM and technical fields is essential for the advancement of energy and environmental sustainability. There is evidence that suggests more women involved in STEM and “green collar” jobs would lead to greater advancements for sustainable development overall.

With diverse perspectives at the table, women stand to gain valuable experience and employment, and they are able to contribute to developing more robust policies and technologies. In order to ensure future equality of opportunity, it is imperative that we invest in women, and ensure they have access to resources allowing them to be successful in rapidly growing fields. More women in STEM is likely to reduce the gender wage gap ($0.87 on the dollar); we cannot continue pushing women into lower income careers.

What is being done now?

  • There is currently a gender-balanced Federal cabinet
  • Current Federal Ministers of Science, and Environment and Climate Change are female.
  • Several women across the country hold similar positions at a provincial level
  • As STEM fields are growing, there is opportunity for women to engage through employment and research.
  • In February 2017, the government launched a campaign called “Choose Science” to encourage young women to pursue science

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