Issue 5: Sustainable Development and Innovation

Natural resources and renewable energy are important for maintaining our quality of life, and we must ensure the most responsible development with the lowest environmental footprint, while reducing our energy use.

For sustainability, investment in innovation to maximize efficiency, and reduce the impact on our air, water, and land. Treaty rights must also be considered with development.

We must take an innovative approach to structuring our economy. By investing in new technologies, we can find innovative ways to decrease emissions, and provide increasingly reliable and low cost energy to families all across the country. This should be a collaborative approach; government, industry, communities, and consumers must all agree to take active steps towards sustainability to shift to a lower carbon future.  


Sustainable Development

Economic development that is conducted without depletion of natural resources.


Environmental Footprint

The resources used to provide for humans’ demand of nature: fruits and vegetables, fish, wood, fibers, absorption of carbon dioxide from fossil fuel use, and space for buildings and roads

Who is affected?

  • Everyone - a low carbon future affects all of us!
  • Industry

Who is making change?

  • Federal Government
  • Provincial governments
  • Industry
  • Communities and municipalities
  • Consumers
  • Think tanks and nongovernmental organizations influencing government policy
  • Academic institutions

What are the political parties saying?

What is being done now?

The Federal Government has committed to a $2B Low Carbon Economy Fund to support the implementation of the Pan-Canadian Framework. The funding from this will be used for innovation, emissions reduction, climate change adaptation, and climate change resilience.

The government is developing a Canadian Energy Strategy, with the goal of increasing collaboration to strengthen the economy, create jobs, and ensure a secure supply of energy for all Canadians, while supporting energy innovation and addressing climate change.

Budget 2017 proposed investments in clean technology


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