Energy and Environment

As engineers, political support staff, activists and advocates, Daughters of the Vote are engaged on energy and environment issues across the country. They have expertise, knowledge about energy security and the environment in their community and worked abroad and with developing countries.

Meet the three Network Leaders who will work together to capture this experience, expertise, and passion. They will facilitate relationships among Daughters of the Vote across the country and share the information and resources that will help young women across Canada get involved and become engaged.

Cristina Mazza, Whitby

Cristina is an engineering graduate and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Management, at Ryerson University, where she is specializing in sustainability in business strategy. In addition to her science background, she has communications and business experience related to the field of engineering, renewable energies, and environmental regulations. Cristina has published research on nuclear energy and is a member of the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers' Political Action Network. During Daughters of the Vote, Cristina spoke in the House of Commons on energy poverty and the need for reliable, clean power for northern and remote communities in Canada.


Ruhee Ismail-Teja, Calgary Centre

Ruhee currently works in Calgary in Public Affairs at MEG Energy, where she works to support leading technology and innovation, and communicate the importance of the energy sector in Canada. She works with community, government, and businessstakeholders on resource development through a lens of social responsibility and sustainability. Ruhee holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) from Queen’s University, where she pursued an interdisciplinary course load, including a thesis on technical and economic feasibility of renewable energy technologies.


Katarina Milicic, Kitchener-Conestoga

Katarina is in her last year of the Environment and Business Program at the University of Waterloo where she has studied Canadian environmental law, sustainability practices in the public and private sectors, Indigenous rights, and the effect of climate change on women globally. She has worked on energy sustainability in the private and not-for-   profit sectors and has international experience on projects that give local, rural, and indigenous communities the resources to achieve self-sustainability in their culture and economy. Katarina has also developed several initiatives to engage youth in sustainability projects, including Sustain-a-City and Energize: Sustainability City Challenge. 


DOV Highlights: Where are they now?


Alycia will be packing her bags and heading overseas for some new and extraordinary adventures. She has been accepted to Oxford to start a DPhil in Engineering Science with a full Clarendon Scholarship.

“I'm so excited and overjoyed to be heading into my DPhil in Engineering Science at Oxford next year! I struggled for years to reconcile my passions for political advocacy and engineering, and in this next phase, I think I've found a way to make them work in harmony. There's so much to unpack at the intersection of public policy and engineering, particularly when it comes to the sustainable development of our modern, data-driven world,” Said Alycia.

Since DOV, Alycia was focused on completing her Engineering Degree from Memorial University while staying involved with Engineers Without Borders (EWB). This year, she traveled to Ottawa for EWB’s Day of Action, a day where 60 young people connect with 60 MPS about innovative development spending to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.

“My experience with DOV definitely fueled my confidence and propelled me towards where I am today,” said the engineer.  “Through interactions with amazing women in the political sphere at DOV, I developed confidence in the power of my own voice and my right to engage on issues that matter to me. In combination with my political advocacy work through Engineers Without Borders, it also helped me to realize the intersections between policy and engineering.”


June 26, 2018 10:37 AM

Daughter of the Vote and Network Leader Cristina Mazza recognized for her leadership in nuclear power

Cristina Mazza, Daughter of the Vote for Whitby and Network Leader for Energy and Environment, was awarded the WiN-Canada Student Pioneer Scholarship from Women in Nuclear Power Canada.  The award recognizes young women who act as pioneers in the field of nuclear power, contribute to their communities, and embody the critical role women play in Canada’s nuclear industry.

During the historic Daughters of the Vote Initiative, Cristina rose in the House of Commons to speak about the importance of energy security and affordability for Indigenous and Northern communities and about the possibility of nuclear to fulfil this urgent need

December 01, 2017 1:59 PM

Daughters of the Vote speak on energy and climate in the House of Commons

During the historic Daughters of the Vote sitting, two delegates spoke on issues related to Energy and Environment. You can see their testimony here.

September 11, 2017 11:00 AM
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