Key political actors

There are several key political actors in Canada that have an impact on gender-based violence policy.

  • Cabinet Ministers
  • Federal and Provincial Government
  • Consider whether your MP or provincial/ territorial representative cares or works on the issue.

Federal Government

Provincial/Territorial Government

Frontline Service Providers

Frontline service providers in Canada are working to end gender-based violence: whether this is a social worker, nurse, doctor, community worker, outreach worker, counsellor, or any other service provider – each has an important role to play in ending gender-based violence. These professions and the organizations they are a part of, are invaluable sources of support. These service providers are often comprised of interdisciplinary teams, which have important expertise that informs policy, activism, and political work.

  • Crisis Centers: These are safe spaces where women can go to seek medical and emotional support. They are often the first place women go to after experiencing trauma. They are also great contact points for women seeking legal action.
  • Hospitals: Provide medical care following trauma.
  • Women’s Centers: a safe space women go to for support, counselling and resources.
  • Shelters: Safe havens for women and children, which provide women with the opportunity to explore alternative living options, and can connect women to relevant supports available within their community.
  • Newcomer Centers: Offer resources and support specifical to newcomer and immigrant women.
  • Helplines: Are contact points for persons to go to when they are unsure of the next steps following an experience of abuse, violence, or trauma.

Other Actors

Canadian Human Rights commission

Provincial commissioner for Human rights

Police and law enforcement agencies

  • These can be amongst the first contacts for women experiencing trauma and crisis. Ensuring that they have an appropriate and sensitive response is key to effective services being delivered
  • These bodies are regulated by municipal governments. They are great contacts to improve the reporting and training practices of officers in these areas.

National organizations

Feature: Media Watch is an organization that serves to challenge abusive stereotypes and other biased information commonly found in the media through education and action. The organization serves to raise awareness of media representations of women, ignite meaningful dialogue, and transform negative representations into positive ones.


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