Equal Voice Launches the Rosemary Speirs Leadership Grant

Equal Voice Launches the Rosemary Speirs Leadership Grant

"Young Women Lead Change" says Dr. Rosemary Speirs, the organization’s founding chair.

OTTAWA – Tuesday, Equal Voice launched the Rosemary Speirs Leadership Grant, a new and exciting component of the Daughters of the Vote program. This is new initiative directly funds young women and gender non-conforming leaders across Canada to accelerate advocacy efforts in their local communities. The grant is named in honour of Dr. Rosemary Speirs, a celebrated Canadian journalist and the founding chair of Equal Voice.

“Young women lead change. All 338 Daughters of the Vote delegates give me great hope,” said Dr. Rosemary Speirs, founding chair of Equal Voice. “Canada needs their energy, their talents, their tenacity and their voices in every field, especially in the political arena and as soon as possible.”

All 338 Daughters of the Vote participants are eligible to receive this $1000 grant. Young women will use the funding to undertake community-based projects ranging from advocacy initiatives, to community knowledge exchanges, to initiatives advancing decolonization and reconciliation.

“A distinguished journalist by profession, Rosemary Speirs leveraged her integrity to pressure political parties into fairer treatment of women and spent years tirelessly campaigning for more female participation in Canadian politics,” said Nicole Foster, Chair of the Equal Voice Board of Directors.  “We are honoured to have the opportunity recognize her legacy to women in public life and to see it extended in the impact of 338 young women-led projects in local communities across Canada.”

This project is funded by the Department of Women and Gender Equality.


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Nasha Brownridge, Communications Manager



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