Overview of the federal government decision makers

This page is a brief overview of who the federal government decision makers are:

Prime Minister

  • As the head of government, the PM has the role and responsibility to set the priorities for their government

Cabinet Ministers:

  • Check out the current Cabinet here
  • They receive information and advice from the public service and are held accountable for their decisions in Parliament
  • You can learn more from the Privy Council Office or at this site from ThoughtCo


  • Members of the official opposition and other opposition parties often have specific roles related to ministries or key issues
  • You can look at the profiles to see who holds the critic post for health, mental health, youth, or other key areas related to mental health.
  • The official opposition (the party with the second most seats), plays a critical role in holding the government accountable

House of Commons Committee

  • A committee is a group of Members of Parliament or provincial legislatures from all parties who work on a specific policy area.
  • They hear from witnesses, including experts and individuals affected by an issue, review tabled documents, write reports to the government, and make recommendations to the House

Strategies for Engagement

There are so many ways to get involved and make change in your community. This page gives some suggestions on who, when, and how to engage. Check out the Making Change toolkits for other ideas, suggestions, and tips from other engaged youth.


  • Submit your perspective on issues
    • You can do that by letters, social media, and campaigns

Cabinet Ministers


  • Check out the “Making Change: Meeting with your political representatives” toolkit on ideas about how to get a meeting

Standing Committees at the Senate/House of Commons or your provincial/territorial legislature

Mayors and City Council

  • Attend a city council meeting; this is a benefit that isn’t available working with provincial or federal governments
  • Call your city councilor office, as local politicians can be much more accessible than MNP/MLAs/MPPs/MPs/MHA