Provincial & territorial political parties

Across the country, each province and territory have diverse strategies. Keep in mind that parties differ across the country, especially Progressive Conservative and Liberal parties, so you’ll want to look into the party in your own province or territory.

British Columbia

  • British Columbia Liberal Party
  • British Columbia New Democratic Party
  • Green Party of British Columbia


  • Alberta New Democratic Party
  • Alberta Party
  • United Conservative Party
  • Alberta Liberal Party


  • Saskatchewan Party
  • Saskatchewan New Democratic Party


  • Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba
  • Manitoba New Democratic Party
  • Manitoba Liberal Party


  • Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario
  • Ontario New Democratic Party
  • Ontario Liberal Party
  • Green Party of Ontario


  • Quebec Liberal Party
  • Quebec Progressive Conservatives
  • Bloc Quebecois
  • Quebec NDP

Newfoundland and Labrador

  • Newfoundland and Labrador Liberal Party
  • Progressive Conservatives
  • Newfoundland and Labrador New Democratic party

New Brunswick

  • New Brunswick Liberal Party
  • New Brunswick Progressive Conservative Party
  • Green Party of New Brunswick

Nova Scotia

  • Nova Scotia Liberal Party
  • Progressive Conservative Association of Nova Scotia
  • Nova Scotia New Democratic Party

Prince Edward Island

  • PEI Progressive Conservatives
  • PEI Liberals
  • PEI Green Party


  • The Yukon Party
  • The Liberals
  • The Yukon NDP

Northwest Territories & Nunavut

  • Consensus model
  • No political parties